About the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health and Social Services

The draft Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health and Social Services has been developed through a partnership between the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and Health Standards Organization (HSO).

The Framework is meant to guide:

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Patients and families

To empower them to be engaged members of their care team.

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Health providers

To put patient experience and safety first and guide day-to-day decisions on care.

Organization leaders

To promote a culture of quality and safety and allocate resources in strategic and operational plans.


Policy makers

To decide how healthcare is funded, delivered and monitored.

Supported by an advisory committee including providers, patients and family members, researchers and policy makers, indigenous and non-indigenous members, from Coast to Coast to Coast, the draft framework reflects and builds on the perspectives developed through significant investments and contributions from several federal, national and provincial and territorial organizations, as well as recent work from the OECD, World Bank and WHO.

Over the next five years, the framework aims to support national and jurisdictional stakeholders to:

  • Describe overarching principles and goals for safe, high quality health and social services in Canada;

  • Focus policy, action and resources that improve experience and outcomes from health and social services offered;

  • Enhance collaboration of stakeholders around common goals;

  • Reduce care variations across different communities.

People in Canada expect and deserve safe, high quality health and social care services. Canada has many strengths to achieve higher performance rankings on global quality and safety rankings. The Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health and Social Services provides the foundation to realize this aim.

As an outcome of this framework, CPSI and HSO are committed to align their own priorities and work, which includes developing standards, improvement resources, training and assessment programs and working with partners towards achieving improved quality and safe health and social services.

The framework and goals are intended to be bold and aspirational. At the same time, over the next five years, the framework is intended to enable development of clearer pathways to action for health and social services organizations and systems. To be successful, these actions must go beyond  organizations and services and transcend systems as a whole, putting people first.


We invite people in Canada to participate in the consultation on a draft Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health and Social Services until June 30.

We will be holding in-person and virtual consultation meetings throughout the country. You can also participate online.

We’re looking for input on the value of the framework, what you think could be improved or taken out, how you think the framework could be applied in various communities and sectors and among different stakeholders, and what key items or issues would allow you/your sector/members of your community to not only endorse the framework but also to put it into action.

An executive summary report of the consultations will be available in Fall 2019.